I have extensive experience in senior roles in my 30 years in healthcare. I am an expert in interpersonal communication, coaching for interactional competence, patient safety and experience, improvement science, developing organisational culture and related education.

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“Kate’s coaching style is friendly and also very professional – working with her was a pleasure.  I really appreciated the way that she provided me with a range of communication, coaching and feedback strategies as well as approaches to managing difficult conversations. Her written material is concise and easy to use on a day to day basis, whilst also including websites for further reading. I definitely recommend her!”

“I consulted with Kate MacIntyre about a work-related relationship that I was having difficulty with. Kate’s professional advice and assistance helped me to step back from the anger and resentment I was feeling about it, to see it in the context of the different systems both parties were constrained by, to analyse and understand the kind of pressures the other person was likely to be facing and Kate offered me a simple and structured approach to how to respond to the other person.  I found Kate to be warmly engaged with the predicament I was facing, she gave clear explanations about the dynamics of the situation she had noticed and the approach she offered was spot on. Consulting Kate saved me from an impulsive and unhelpful interaction I was contemplating and my resulting more considered response has improved this work relationship significantly.”

“Kate was professional, listened, and created an enjoyable atmosphere while we worked together. She provided me with invaluable guidance in communication. I found her process immediately useful as it allowed me to adequately prepare for a crucial interaction with a colleague. Kate helped me see how important these interactions can be; getting them right can improve the ongoing experience of teamwork. She followed up with an outline of what we discussed, which assisted me to practise what she taught me and could be applied to many interpersonal situations.”

“Kate presented and facilitated a conversation within my postgraduate class on the Second Victim who is a health professional responsible for accidental injury to a patient in their care.  This is a difficult and sensitive topic for health professionals that can be distressing for some.  Kate demonstrated her professional experience with this topic, her extensive knowledge of Patient Safety and applied her expertise to engage the class in a thoughtful and sensitive academic discussion.”

Interpersonal communication

We all have to communicate, every day, in many ways, with many different people. And we have to communicate well, including when it becomes difficult. Like any skill we can improve what we do if we know how. I have over 12 years experience teaching communication skills, facilitating interactional competence group work and coaching for excellence in communication. I can enable you to improve and achieve outstanding results.

I offer individual coaching, group work and tailored interventions to enhance your effectiveness in communication.

Patient safety and experience

I was the Patient Safety Officer at Capital and Coast District Health Board for 7 years. I am a leader in Patient Safety in New Zealand and I am experienced in teaching, developing and measuring interventions, applying improvement science, undertaking investigations and reviews, facilitating open disclosure and understanding patient experience.

I can assist you with your patient safety questions, challenges and workload.

Organisational culture

What does it take to have an organisation that functions well? I have extensive experience and expertise in working with people to get the best from them, and with organisations to get engagement from their employees. I am also an expert in organisational systems, processes and policies, improvement, risk and emergency management and safety culture.

I am available for project work to explore and address your organisational culture and improvement needs.

My values

  • People are the key
  • Working in partnership
  • Respect, kindness and courtesy always
  • Honesty and integrity
  • Evidence based